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The Child and Family Institute of Fairfield County has been enhancing the lives of people in Fairfield County since 1996. 

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We provide innovative and effective programs and mental health services that improve child and family functioning, manage at-risk youth, promote prevention and strengthen and support children and their families. 


As the years pass, we continue to evolve and develop along with our community’s ever-changing needs. Last year, we helped over 500 children and their families by providing professional and community-based programs and services that reflect the current needs of our constituents. Without the help of generous people, we would not be able to provide such services and programs to the children and adults in Fairfield County, CT.  With your help, children can reach goals and see hope for a future that is not compromised by their differences.



"Every one of the children here has gifts and we teach them to realize what their strengths are." -Pamela Samaha, Executive Director

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